We plan litter for spring 2019

Puppies in our kennel will grow up inside the house with our family and our dogs. They will get used to the daily household noises, other dogs, people, children and will respond to the whistle.


Make much of me, your gun dog pup.
And when you think I am growing up
Show me what I need to do
To be a complement to you.

Be patient with my learning,
which from my baby brain
may not be very fast.
Show me again
the hunting, stopping, turning,
and I will understand at last.

When you take me shooting
I may be tempted but will not chase.
Watch me close and guide me
to the pheasant´s hiding place
and I will hunt and crash the brambles,
jump the fence and swim the stream,
pick up and scramble quickly back
to the leader of my pack.

I will fulfil our dream!

- Author unknown -

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