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Our kennel "Lavondyss" was established in 2012, but we own and train labradors since 2004. Although we took part on many shows with our first labrador - Chauni Churchill Kelecsky poklad "Chucky" - and he even won the CAC titles in the Czech republic and Poland, we found out soon, that we like to train and work the dog much more. We passed the breeding test (OVVR), cold game water test and also the very first dummy trial organized by Retriever Sport (RS CZ). And one of the RS CZ trainings totally changed our lives, when we could see the working line labradors for the first time. After the first shock from the very different type of labrador than we were used to see in the Czech republic we were amazed by the temper and type of work - strong will to please, inborn hunting abbilities, drive, style - it was love at first sight! Then everything went fast. In 2007 we got Viky (Int. FTCH Blackthorn Biham) followed by another imports from Hungary (Blackthorn Giansar), England (Conneywarren Cody) and Ireland (Watergreen Joker). Until now we made up two Int. FTCH (Viky were first LR in the Czech republic) and could train 6 dogs up to WT Open level. You can find more about us and our dogs in About us section.

Our aim is to breed good looking working lines labradors with the right temper and natural hunting abilities, who will have a strong will to please so they'll be easy to train and handle. To breed dogs, who will be a joy to train and live with.

We're looking forward to our first litter in the spring 2013!



November 06, 2018

FT Tordas (HU) 3.11.2018

Judges: Roy Ehbel and Filip Bollen
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